"Who Else Wants to Get Facts and Information to Prove God and Jesus to be Real"

From This Book You Will Get  3 Brand New Christian Scientific Theories to Prove the Existence of God!

From: Yong Nam
Date: Thursday 8:30 am

Why is it important? In an age of science, there just wan't any NEW BREAKTHROUGH SCIENTIFIC theories that would revolutionize the world about the existence of God and necessity of Jesus Christ. There wasn't a NEW HISTORICAL STANDARD that would prove the historical Jesus and the miracles of Jesus to be fact.  Well...all of that has changed now!!!

We all know that the existence of God and Christianity has been under heavy scrutiny. Scrutiny so heavy, that atheists and people of other faiths do not even apply such harsh standards on their own belief system! The biggest problem is there wasn't a solid link between Christianity and science.

And Then It Hit Me!

Who not prove God and the necessity of Jesus Christ using through scientific standards of what is fact! After years and countless hours, I finally found the links between Christianity and science that will prove Christianity!

I found three solid links that I call the "Three Laws". These "Three Laws" to Christianity is like the "Law of Gravity" to science.

Proving God And Jesus To Be Real

You will learn my "Three Laws" to proving Christianity and also a solid historical standard that will prove Jesus Christ and the resurrection to be facts.

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"Steven-Computer Programmer"

This book really used three revolutionary theories to prove the existence of God and the realness of Jesus Christ. Applying standards to what I consider to be true and real, I believe Christianity to be a fact after reading this book.



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